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Look who's on today!


Apparently this interview was done in LA, though if it had been done in NY, it would most likely have been done by one of my coworkers. Sad thing is, I did press for the NY show! It could have been like, two press entities in one!

I'd appreciate it if people shared this around if they could, especially the JRR forums, because I've not been on any boards for a long time. (Anyone who randomly wanders here and asks why I'm on I work for them, so I'm on there every day. Check out the Sex Blog, it's funny shit.)
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Obligatory shiny new toy post

I really know I'm gonna sound like a dick to some. But I would really do need to post about my iPod Touch. Especially since I'm typing on it right now. It's good practice to get used to typing on this tiny, screen-based keyboard. Please forgive any typos.

Good things so far: getting online through wifi has to be the biggest thing. It's a big reason why I got it. Browser, mail client, maps, AIM, anything I need fits in my pocket. Plus, I can download the same apps and games as the iPhone, so even more shot fits in my pocket. And most wifi is free. As a pure iPod, it's 4 times the capacity of my Nano, plus plays vids and stores pics. I can even type in 日本語. And on top of all that, it was only $225 used!

Not good so far: It seems that there are lots of open wifi networks, but few of them seem to actually be able to get me online. Typically, i join a network, but still nothing connects. So i have to take advantage of the ones that do work, like the one on this bus. watching videos is a huge drain on battery life, and even using the web plus music, I'd say it only lasts a few hours. It was used, so the battery probably isn't what it used to be. The keyboard takes getting used to, since it is screen based and has no physical buttons, and the buttons are quite small.. It's a lot easier to use when the keyboard is sideways and the buttons are larger, but only a few apps support landscape orientation (the browser is one of them). I haven't figured out how to select or cut and paste text. Also, for some reason, my headphones work super quietly on here, so I have to either use shitty earbuds or get new ones.

Overall, I'm really happy that I have it, and can do much more on the road now (like check LJ). Hopefully thisll help a lot my ability to keep up and keep in touch.
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Wank of a different kind!

I love how this is what I do when I return to LJ. ♥ Guilia!

What do you think about when you self-service?

Myself and another person
Two (or more) other people, myself in a role of the same gender
Two (or more) other people, myself in a role of the opposite gender
Two (or more) other people, but not identifying with any of them, just "watching"
Nothing at all, I just focus on the physical feelings
Something else (specify below)

If you answered "something else," don't be shy... tell us what you -do- think about.

I can't edit the poll, so notes to this:
- "Thinking about" and "watching via porno" for this purpose should be condisdered the same thing.
- All questions are irregardless of sexual orientation.