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"Shion" review, Web 2.0 sized

I wrote a non-TL;DR version of my epic "Shion" review for Emusic, so I figure I'll post it here too. I tried to be objective, as if it were writing it in an editorial style. I don't even remotely pretend to be good at writing, but if anyone wants to critique this as such, feel free.


MUCC is best known for a heavy, emotional metal(core) sound, mixed with heart-wrenching Japanese-influenced ballads. Shion is about half classic MUCC, 1/4 synth-heavy rock, and 1/4 straight synth-pop-rock. It runs the gamut from "Anjelier", a disco track with minimal guitars, to "Fukuro no Yurikago," a driving headbanger that successfully mixes in electro vibes and vocal trills, to "Libra," a heavy, emotional classic that even now is one of their best tracks ever.

Though mostly successful in experimenting with the new sound, at times it falls flat or detracts. The synth violins are overused throughout and highly unnecessary on "Flight." "Shiva" feels like it's going in three different directions and not satisfyinig any of them. Anyone new to MUCC will likely come out confused, and should go with "Best of MUCC" instead. For fans of the band, there's enough of the classic sound to keep you going, but the synth elements are hit and miss, and may put off as many fans as they impress.
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Downloads, except legal

MUCC on Emusic. If you've never used this site, I would recommend it regardless; it's hella cheap(er than iTunes). Oh, Dir's on there too.

Go sign up and purchase these albums if you haven't already paid for them in some shape or form. Even if you sign up for like the lowest plan, albums end up being like six bucks, less if you sign up for a higher plan. And if you won't even pay that much, sorry, you're a douche. Don't be a douche. Pay for your music. Or Miya will glare at you forever.
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1. How long have you been a mucker?
Some time in fall 05, so about two and a half years

2. Who is your favourite member?
I probably would have said Yukke before because he always seemed like the nicest, but lately I just can't choose. They're all ridiculously talented and just plain ridiculous.

3. Your top three mucc songs:
I CAN'T CHOOSE. If I really had to pick three it'd be Yasashii kioku, Na mo naki yume, and Libra. Runner ups are 25ji no yuutsu, Oboreru sakana, Kuchiki no tou, Kugatsu mikka no kokuin, Danzetsu, Daikirai, Ranchuu, Kami no hoshi, Ryuusei, Kuukyo na heya, Monochro no keshiki... OKAY FINE I'LL STOP

4. What mucc song do you always sing at karaoke?
DAIKIRAI!!!!!1 Holy shit it's so much fun. Na mo naki yume, Oboreru sakana, and Kuukyo na heya are also favorites.

5. What colour is each member like?
Mi: Blue or white, something relatively normal
Yu: the color of MANGOES
Sa: Green or orange, something bright and obnoxious

6. Who, other than Tatsurou, would you like to take vocals?
I know Miya is the obvious answer, but having heard the other two sing, the answer becomes even more obvious.

7. If you could make them do cosplay what character would you make them do?
Ta: Shinji Ikari
Mi: Gendou Ikari
Yu: Asuka Langley
Sa: Pen Pen

8. If mucc were a family, who would be who?
Ta: Bratty teenager who yells and threatens to run away a lot, while sitting in his room and writing angsty poetry
Mi: The single father who tries to discipline Tatsurou but isn't very good at it, partially because he's so much shorter
Yu: The little sister who wants everyone to get along and hopes baking cookies and making fruit salad will solve everything
Sa: The well-meaning but misunderstanding uncle who always pops in at the wrong time yet manages to help any situation just by distracting everyone with dorkiness

9. Who would you like to collaborate with mucc on one of their records?
Buck-Tick, Merry, or better yet METALLICA \m/

10. What would you want to do if you encountered them?
I'd -want- to ask Tatsurou if he borrwed Atsuhi's clothes or if he's just that good of a cosplayer, or ask Yukke if he likes manko, I mean, mango, or ask Miya why he doesn't change facial expressions, or ask Satochi if he knows what "wanksta" means.
What I -would- do is probably just be like "Hi, how are you" and have a regular casual conversation, based on the situation. And take them out for Japanese food and drinks. I've always wondered how they'd react to the softcore porn on the walls at Izakaya Kenka on St. Marks.

11. If you were in mucc what position would you take?
Rhythm guitar, and backup death growl.

12. MUCC's good points, one by one:
Ta: charismatic, amusingly terrible fashion sense, dances like a monkey, Buck-Tick fanboy
Mi: the core of the band, dances like a shaggy dog, likes Metallica
Yu: Nicest, silliest, dances like a duck, provides the most blog LOLZ
Sa: utter dorkitude, makes sex faces while drumming, likes Metallica

13. If the sender of this meme was a mucc member who would it be?
I stole it from two people, Crash and Momo, and they already know who they'd be XD

14. Lastly, offer your love to Mucc.
Anata(tachi) ga daikirai desu. <3

Also please do a oneman live in NYC. Or several. Kthx. Rock on. \m/

15. Offer the next Mucker a turn.
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Voice Post

284K 1:28
“Hey were in the super market now we're buying food for our party and I just thought I talk, talk to everybody about their time. So if you think if it's a It was fucking amazing, as per usual, I expect nothing less, yeah you're not fucking me recording this, I'm sorry yeah fucking amazing I don't know what else to say about it that pretty much sums it up. Ok what did you think of the show Samantha? Say something to my old dick. Crab. So I you it's Samantha I'm sorry ___. Samantha did you eat crab? No I haven't. Ok Britney ok Britney your turn. You ___ asshole of him? Something like that. Ok everybody everybody say something to my LiveJournal. Hi Sandra's LiveJournal. Fucked. Ok Julie say something to my LiveJournal what what? No no no way. Why I don't do this boring thing. I do say something to my LiveJournal. Mother fucker. I could hear any any new a mad things because you wanna say something to my LiveJournal. Horse dick. Well Chrissy your voice are really deep. Ok I'm thirsty I'll talk to you later LJ.”

Auto-Transcribed Voice Post - spoken through SpinVox
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Voice Post

139K 0:42
“I'd just like to say 1 thing for the record. If you get away from his blog and if somebody has told him to write in his blog, then I'll be really happy. Really really happy. Yeah, that's that's all for now. I can have re flux now. We're going to the hotel party. You're invited. And that's all. We're all gonna see about getting out. It's gonna be a good night.”

Auto-Transcribed Voice Post - spoken through SpinVox
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So I was listening to this song by GO!GO!7188 (in Japanese = 557188), and meanwhile I'm in InDesign and I went to go look at the height dimension of a photo, and it was 5.7188 inches. WHAT ARE THE CHANCES OF THAT EVEN OCCURRING, much less while I'm listening to the song -and- happen to notice it. Now if only the magazine could fit 55 inch photos.
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Selling Apple iBook G4 laptop

Anyone looking?

12 inch screen
60gb hard drive
1.2ghz processor
256mb RAM
lots of handy software installed, including Adobe Photoshop + Illustrator CS
battery + charger
plus waterproof slipcase

It works well, I just never use it anymore now that I have a desktop. It's about time I handed it off, since I also want to finance buying a new camera on something besides my credit card. If you or anyone you know is looking for a cheap Apple laptop, let me know :D